About Us
SUNON International Group Limited was established in Sep. 2004. It was invested by Guangzhou Pearl Group Co., Ltd, one of the largest timepieces manufacturers in China. Its registered capital is RMB 80 million. S-U-N-O-N five letters are the registered trademark of the company.
SUNON headquarters in Hong Kong with its first-class R&D teams in Wuhan and Hong Kong. In 2012, a mechanical watch movement R&D and production base was established in Biel, Switzerland. The sales offices of SUNON are located in the Watch and Clock Markets in Pearl River Delta and even in Guangzhou CBD. Up to 2013, SUNON has had 8 factories in Guangdong, Wuhan, Enshi, Lichuan, Chongqing, Meizhou, Guiyang and Zhunyi under the same brand name of SUNON. With commitment to continuous improvement of products developing, manufacturing and quality controlling, SUNON sees the continuous rise of its competitiveness.

SUNON specializes in quartz watch movement and has launched more than 50 models in 6 series. With nearly 100 assembly lines and more than 4,000 production staff, its output reaches 2 Million pieces a day. It is ranking No. 1 in the industry in China. Its products have reached to the markets in many overseas countries and regions.

SUNON adopts the modern management method with its own visions and strategies. With its strong production ability, first class engineering, technical personnel and worldwide advanced precision machines and equipment, the high-ended product quality is guaranteed. The enterprise’s brand image is established in the industry. 

  “Focusing on movement’s development and to be a world renowned brand” is the core development goal of Sunon. Sunon will strive for this goal.